I’ll be square eyed before long !

Good morning … it’s lovely, bright and chilly out there today but thankfully I’m tucked up in the warm today, adding more stuff to my website.

I also did a mini happy dance after finding an Etsy sale this morning … OK so it’s not a £100 painting or necklace, but this cute little fella sold … every little helps ! To celebrate … I’ve listed 5 more ! Each is totally individual, and VERY cute !


Just click the photo below and you’ll woosh straight to the Etsy listing if you’d like a look

Right …. back to the editing … have a lovely day, whatever you get up to xx

Time to rejoin the race ….

Hi guys … as you may notice, I am currently working on a total website overhaul at the moment.

As many of you will know, I have been enjoying a great year, selling my jewellery through our gallery in town. Unfortunately, for reasons I won’t go into at the moment, this is now no longer possible. So I am now finding myself in the difficult position of re-emerging on the internet as a jewellery seller, mostly using Facebook and Etsy. I am finding myself having to make an impression on the net, which is a monumentally huge task, believe me !!

So …. new look site is being (albeit slowly) put together … I’m forgoing the fine art / contemporary minimalist style, as I’m not sure it really grabs customers’ attention enough, and going for bold and (hopefully) upbeat and approachable. I do hope it works !

There is a handy button that will take you straight to my Etsy store and a contact page, should you wish to contact me with any requests, customs or commissions.

Now I’m not the best at putting content together for websites, but I am going to be trying my best to improve upon this by looking up any free courses / webinars online that might help. I love being sociable and chatty, but converting that into a successful web business doesn’t come naturally to me, so I am trying to work on that … I promise !

Anyway .. with the festive season fast approaching, I am working on new (non jewellery) stuff for the gallery, which isn’t always easy when cash is tight and all my supplies are geared towards making jewellery, so I am having to try to think outside the box a little. I do have a few ideas though, such as making some of my character glass beads into miniature collectables like these …



And I am also having lots of fun making these ** Apologies in advance for profanities**

Of course, not all of my cutlery will be sweary … I can even take custom orders, should you want something extra cute x

My new stamped cutlery range can be found on facebook here  

Once I have some ready for sale, my shop on Etsy button will take you straight to them 🙂


Well that’s all for now …. I’ll be trying hard to keep this blog bang up to date as regular as I can from now on as I plunge back into the realms of online marketing and selling.

Bye for now xx