New Year, New Start

Well what a year it’s been !

On the 23rd of December, sadly, our gallery closed it’s door for the final time.

Whilst I do think it is a real shame that all of our hard work has come to an end, I still wouldn’t have been without the experience.

A few members are opening up another gallery in town, but whilst I do wish them all the best, I do find myself in the unenviable position of having to plough a new furrow as a lone worker once again. Personally, I am still trying to find a silver lining, as I am really going to miss being part of a team.

I’m sure that once I get back in the saddle as a bead maker, I’ll start to feel excited at starting a new chapter. I’ll be able to make what ever I want to, whenever I want to … There won’t be any more long meetings and, of course I can be as flexible with my working hours as I want to be. There will be no overheads to pay either, which will be a big bonus !

Sadly though, as I will no longer have the gallery space, I have taken the decision to hang up my paint brushes for a while. I no longer have the space to exhibit, so I cannot justify the time I spend painting, financially, any longer. This is not a permanent decision, but at least for a while, I’ll need to dedicate my time to making beads to sell online instead.

This Christmas though, I did receive a wonderful present from my eldest son … An Xcut Xpress die cutting machine, which doubles up as a fantastic printing press for both relief and intaglio printing, so I shall definitely be spending some of my time experimenting with more print making, but primarily for my own enjoyment and not as a business venture, at least for now anyway, so thank you Ben ! You are a star !


Happy wandering, wherever you may be heading !