After spending three years studying art on my foundation degree and spending a year or so exhibiting in town, I have (after much consideration) decided to hang up my paint brushes and stop painting commercially.

My business model has now changed and there isn’t really room for painting at the moment. I do hope to continue for enjoyment, but there won’t be any pressure to paint and earn a living from it any more.

I’ll happily consider undertaking a commission, should you decide that you’d like one of my paintings, but apart from that, i’ll just be playing.

I have been lucky to receive an Xcut for Christmas, so I shall also be having fun experimenting and refining my printmaking skills using this versatile little die cutting machine as a printing press.

I’ll happily share my progress on this page, albeit as a hobbyist instead.


If you’d like to discuss a commission or see a more substantial portfolio of previous work, you can get in touch using the contact form on this site or by messaging me direct via Facebook HERE