What weather we’re having !!!

Ha ! I just know a cooler snap is coming, but wow … what a warm spell we are having at the moment. I can’t believe that it’s still only February and I’ve had the shed door wide open and even broke into a sweat at the torch ! Washing is almost dry on the line and I saw a bumble bee earlier … a bumble ! In February !!!

I’ve been making lots of these today … the sparkle, trapped bubbles and light colours are just SO spring !

I haven’t put the jumpers away just yet though … I just know mother nature is about so blow us a huge raspberry !!!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the warm weather as much as I have … speak soon,

Les xx

Finding my feet again

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”

C. S. Lewis

Good Afternoon

Hi, how are you today ?

After spending some quiet time figuring out where to go with my business next, I am slowly but surely starting to make some progress.

I’d be lying if I said that finding a new attitude towards work after Gallery Twenty closed down has been easy. There has been lots of personal soul searching and I don’t care how self pitying it might seem, but I have felt very sorry for myself and incredibly low at no longer being part of a business and larger business community. Working on your own can be incredibly lonely. I am feeling this very keenly still. Maybe I should root out my old portable DVD player for the studio ? I’m sure it must be somewhere, hidden away in a drawer somewhere ! Or rummage out some fresh music CDs to listen to as I work.

The dreary weather of late hasn’t helped either, but that seems to be on the change and the longer days are already beginning to lift my spirits.

I have been dipping my toe back into the online glass community on Facebook and have shared a few selling trunk shows / showcases with a lovely bead making friend (Joyce) over in the Netherlands.

Joyce makes beautiful beads, bursting with happiness and bright sparkles. You can find her work on Etsy HERE.

I do have some good news though .. sales are slowly starting to creep up. I have sold a couple of pendant necklaces in town at the Fox & Crow Gallery since they opened, which is not bad considering they’ve only been open for a week or two, so that’s promising too.

Online sales have taken an upwards turn too. I’m still not making enough to be totally viable, but I guess it’s going to take some time to rebuild a following on both Facebook and Etsy.

I have spent some time reflecting on old bead designs too, as I figure that it’s easier to sell beads than jewellery online. One particular style has given me renewed pleasure at the torch, my angels.

I love adding their serene, sleepy little faces and rosy cheeks … they always make me smile.

Apart from making more beads for the rest of this week, I am setting myself one more task. I am going to put together a portfolio of images of my jewellery so that I can look up and contact local shops and galleries to discuss whether they might wish to stock my work on their shelves. This is a biggee for me, as I find confidence so hard to come by.

I love making jewellery, but it does sell slower that beads on the internet, especially the more expensive pieces, so I have decided that I really do need to look for new outlets and try to get my name out there again.

So, small goals for this week … make some pretty beads and create a portfolio page for prospective galleries … I can do this, right ?


Don’t forget, you can see my work available for sale over on etsy —-> HERE

Huge thanks to all of you for encouraging me. Whether it’s by buying my work or sharing my posts on facebook, or by just speaking kind words …. it all helps.

Thanks xxx


Lesley x

New Year, New Start

Well what a year it’s been !

On the 23rd of December, sadly, our gallery closed it’s door for the final time.

Whilst I do think it is a real shame that all of our hard work has come to an end, I still wouldn’t have been without the experience.

A few members are opening up another gallery in town, but whilst I do wish them all the best, I do find myself in the unenviable position of having to plough a new furrow as a lone worker once again. Personally, I am still trying to find a silver lining, as I am really going to miss being part of a team.

I’m sure that once I get back in the saddle as a bead maker, I’ll start to feel excited at starting a new chapter. I’ll be able to make what ever I want to, whenever I want to … There won’t be any more long meetings and, of course I can be as flexible with my working hours as I want to be. There will be no overheads to pay either, which will be a big bonus !

Sadly though, as I will no longer have the gallery space, I have taken the decision to hang up my paint brushes for a while. I no longer have the space to exhibit, so I cannot justify the time I spend painting, financially, any longer. This is not a permanent decision, but at least for a while, I’ll need to dedicate my time to making beads to sell online instead.

This Christmas though, I did receive a wonderful present from my eldest son … An Xcut Xpress die cutting machine, which doubles up as a fantastic printing press for both relief and intaglio printing, so I shall definitely be spending some of my time experimenting with more print making, but primarily for my own enjoyment and not as a business venture, at least for now anyway, so thank you Ben ! You are a star !


Happy wandering, wherever you may be heading !

I’ll be square eyed before long !

Good morning … it’s lovely, bright and chilly out there today but thankfully I’m tucked up in the warm today, adding more stuff to my website.

I also did a mini happy dance after finding an Etsy sale this morning … OK so it’s not a £100 painting or necklace, but this cute little fella sold … every little helps ! To celebrate … I’ve listed 5 more ! Each is totally individual, and VERY cute !


Just click the photo below and you’ll woosh straight to the Etsy listing if you’d like a look

Right …. back to the editing … have a lovely day, whatever you get up to xx

Time to rejoin the race ….

Hi guys … as you may notice, I am currently working on a total website overhaul at the moment.

As many of you will know, I have been enjoying a great year, selling my jewellery through our gallery in town. Unfortunately, for reasons I won’t go into at the moment, this is now no longer possible. So I am now finding myself in the difficult position of re-emerging on the internet as a jewellery seller, mostly using Facebook and Etsy. I am finding myself having to make an impression on the net, which is a monumentally huge task, believe me !!

So …. new look site is being (albeit slowly) put together … I’m forgoing the fine art / contemporary minimalist style, as I’m not sure it really grabs customers’ attention enough, and going for bold and (hopefully) upbeat and approachable. I do hope it works !

There is a handy button that will take you straight to my Etsy store and a contact page, should you wish to contact me with any requests, customs or commissions.

Now I’m not the best at putting content together for websites, but I am going to be trying my best to improve upon this by looking up any free courses / webinars online that might help. I love being sociable and chatty, but converting that into a successful web business doesn’t come naturally to me, so I am trying to work on that … I promise !

Anyway .. with the festive season fast approaching, I am working on new (non jewellery) stuff for the gallery, which isn’t always easy when cash is tight and all my supplies are geared towards making jewellery, so I am having to try to think outside the box a little. I do have a few ideas though, such as making some of my character glass beads into miniature collectables like these …



And I am also having lots of fun making these ** Apologies in advance for profanities**

Of course, not all of my cutlery will be sweary … I can even take custom orders, should you want something extra cute x

My new stamped cutlery range can be found on facebook here  

Once I have some ready for sale, my shop on Etsy button will take you straight to them 🙂


Well that’s all for now …. I’ll be trying hard to keep this blog bang up to date as regular as I can from now on as I plunge back into the realms of online marketing and selling.

Bye for now xx

One day I found a REALLY special stone ….

After a few months of keeping it tucked away and admiring it every so often, I finally turned it into this ….

I decided that it looked at home strung on this luxurious 4mm thick antique cowhide leather, so I’m now waiting for some pretty caps to finish off a clasp. I shall send it over to Gallery Twenty when its ready, in the hope that someone will love it enough to buy it .

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Lesley Jane Nixon. I am a native of the wild and windy Staffordshire Moorlands and Peak District National Park. I am based in the market town of Leek and Mum to 3 grown up children and 2 beautiful cats.

I am gradually adding content to this site, so please do forgive any omissions or glitches as I learn the word-press ropes.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a little insight into the birth of our  gallery.

Last summer, I was daydreaming about opening a gallery in our gorgeous little market town of Leek.

A few like minded artist friends joined in with the conversation and a co-operative was born. Whilst opening a bricks and mortar gallery wasn’t initially on our radar, a wonderful opportunity fell into our laps as a small shop in Getliffes Yard was moving into a larger unit. After much discussion, we decided to take a huge leap of faith and take on the lease to number 20 Getliffes Yard and Gallery Twenty was born.


Our collective has a wonderful, eclectic blend of artists, designers and makers. Our range includes everything from fine art, jewellery and glass, to ceramics and textiles. As well as artistic talent, there is a wealth of other work and business experience, which suits the running of a business perfectly.

We opened our doors in October 2017 and enjoyed a bumper Christmas shopping season and have started to mature into a solid, year round business.